Cornmeal Muffins from the past

Food is influenced by the times we live in. Certain times we need to change our habits due to food supply restrictions. Nowadays this happens in the winter when the watermelon supply gets short and the prices go up. And we are bumped. Awwww 😦  . Did I mention that it is not even seedless? I know! Total agony. We turn to forget some other times back in the turn of the last century when war was a reality to every part of the world; from Europe to Americas and from Asia to Africa. Back then food supply was already short and the war made it even worst. Lucky people had to improvise and adjust their habits; most would just suffer.

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Five Failed Food Names

Finishing the first hundred post was amazingly gratifying. The blog evolved over the years, but always stayed true it its values. To kick of the next hundred posts I am starting with a more philosophical approach to food; this time some unfortunate names of the food industry. Food industry has evolved. Evolved significantly. From the hunting to just going to the neighbor to trade goods, to the stores that sell foods to the modernization of the ready made foods. The industrial revolution. The food prices drops, the quantities increases and the competition among vendors grows. And that s the beginning of marketing, the beginning of a new era in the food industry. Targeting special groups, the vegans, the low fat, the high protein, the low sugar and the list becomes bigger and bigger.

Cretan Diet II: Olive Oil

As it was underlined in the previous post, the olive oil is the basic constituent of the Cretan diet. A diet that is highlighted by the long live of the cretan people and their good health. Although these to two facts seem to be somewhat unrelated, since one is a fat and the other is health, the truth is (and it is backed up by scientific evidence) that they shed some light to the “mystery”. We will see why olive oil is so good for you, but we will also see that olive oil from olive oil is very different, not only by the name they go by, but for the health benefits.

IQF: Individually Quick Frozen

This is a short post, following the great one of the blueberries. Pick your own berries type of farm are very popular especially here in Florida with the only drawback the quantity, that unless you have a family of 10 you cannot finish alone in a reasonable amount of time. They go bad within a few days, by shedding moisture, wrinkle and shrink. The modern solution to the problem is the freezer. The freezer that, is being extensively used to freeze from water to meats.  Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

So it is christmas again. and then New Years, and since Thanksgiving I had no posts. Things at work got bussy and cooking wise I was overdosed. I will be back soon with a few great recipes for cookies and a series I am preparing on the basics of fastfood. But, one thing I need share with you is the food of the thanksgiving. And some of the recipes. Most of them have been featured on the blog. Some of them are secrets and will not be shared.

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