About the site

You probably already have seen greetings with my name in various locations of the page but It is appropriate to devote sometime and explain why I decided to create a food blog that is just like the others but different. A motivation like that does not come as a surprise to the people who know me, but it is not very clear why I decided to a blog about food the moment that the web is packed and overcrowded with similar blogs. It is the same answer that my professor of Thermodynamics Dr. Robert DeHoff gave to his book on thermodynamics:

For someone to write a book on a topic so popular and over exhausted it must have to offer something new, not only to the audience but also to the readers.

I think that I do have to offer a fresh new prespective in food and its role in the world. Food evolution goes hand in hand with the history and the human evolution. The first thing the primitive man start doing when he discovered fire was to cook. The taste the texture and the flavor of the food was so much better when cooked. The motivation for moving around with the seasons was the food, not the food as a pleasure but as a need. We have evolved since then but in every big milestone of human history the food was there as a commodity closely related to humans. And although nutritional anthropology have studied these relations I think the public have not paid so much attention to the that and it is ashame because you can tell so much about the culture by just lloking at the food. This aside the food gallery have gorwn so much that the authendisity of recipes have become almost extinct. There are so many recipes for carbonara, that it is impossible to trace it back to the original… or is it? Studying the history of the food we can restore its fame.
Being an engineer I cannot help but engineer food. I cannot help, but love gadgets. Being a scientist, I cannot help but investigate food, so I have to find out why things happen the way they happen during cooking. So join me in a quest for food history, food science and food mechanics.

Blog highlights!

I had the pleasure on the May 27, 2007 to prepare the spinach pie for the experienced Chefs of the distinguished Thai restaurant Bahn Thai in Gainesville, FL. It is always a challenge when you have  to cook for people, but when they are professional chefs of this magnitude things become more challenging. Their compliments were amazing. Thank you Chefs!


Elias Mamalakis one of the most famous Greek food gastronomer and has a multi award wining show in the Greek TV, visited the website on June 7th and he gave a great feedback, enough to power me up and keep up the great work (well that ‘s how he called it). Thank you Mr. Mamalakis, I appreciate your comments.


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