Strawberry Shortcakes

This is a very special post. For many reasons. For one thing this is the first of the 5 that will complete the 100 recipes on the blog. Very special. It is dedicated to my eternal second home the good old state of Florida. There were the South opened its arm and welcome me. A desert with character and the true meaning of soul food. Also it was created only days after a dream just died and took me back to square 1. Not the first time. But enough with emotions. Let ’s go together and see what makes this desert so special, so incredible and so surprisingly fresh.

Strawberry shortcake is one the most traditional southerner deserts. It combines many of the ingredients of the south, cream, butter, sugar biscuits… Oh yeah it does have biscuits. Although the name itself suggest a sort of a cake, and the recently the convenience and time efficient have actually offered the option of the cake, the real shortcake is a sweet biscuit. The biscuit is from the french word biscuit which is derived from the Latin words bis (twice) and coquere, coctus (to cook, cooked), and, hence, means “twice-cooked”. Originally the biscuits were breads that after baking were cut and baked a second time to harden. A great way to make bread last longer, especially when it is indented for long trips etc. The modernization of the cuisine and the kitchen tools in the 19th century made the second baking obsolete, since now fretted baked bread can be made everyday. The name however, caught on and it is still used. A traditional southerner biscuit is based largely on the british scone. It is a quick and easy way to create the ideal breakfast bread. I don’t think that at this point it really requires a lot of brains to add some sugar and sweeten things a little. From this point on the rest is history. A sweet southern history. So let’s get started. 

DSC_4418 20120315
So here are the ingredients of the southern delight:

Strawberries sugar: Turn your attention to the right of the photo

  • 1 lb of strawberries
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • A brandy of sort
  • 1/4 lb of sugar
  • Black pepper… What? Black pepper? Oh yeah! it is awesome!

Biscuits: Turn your attention to the right of the photo

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 4 tbsp of butter
  • 4 tsp of baking powder
  • 1/4 tbs baking soda
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 cup of buttermilk

For the garnish and plating:

  • Creme fraiche
  • Whipped cream
  • Berries for garnish

DSC_4419 20120315
Start by washing the strawberries.

DSC_4421 20120315
Remove the stem with the little piece of hard stem in the core of the strawberry.

DSC_4422 20120315
And slice them.

DSC_4424 20120315
I use roughly 1/5 by weight of sugar. So here we have 500 g of strawberries (after subtracting the weight of the bowl)

DSC_4426 20120315
Cut and squeeze the lime juice.

DSC_4427 20120315
Add the brandy. Here as you can see I use AppleJack. It is a brandy made out of apples so the fruity flavors get well very well.

DSC_4428 20120315
Now add the sugar.

DSC_4449 20120315
Add the pepper… I am not joking! Pepper is very good with strawberries.

DSC_4429 20120315
And stir them well. Well but carefully. Put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. The sugar will force liquid out of the strawberries slowly dissolve the sugar and become a nice syrup.

DSC_4430 20120315
While this is happening let’s make some biscuits. Start by sifting the flour.

DSC_4431 20120315
Why sift the flour? Fro this! Especially when you make a cake type of dough where we don’t really want to mix to much these lumps will never dissolve. It is important step. Please do not skip.

DSC_4432 20120315
Add the sugar.

DSC_4435 20120315
Add the baking powder.

DSC_4436 20120315
Follow with the soda…

DSC_4437 20120315
And mix the dry ingredients together.

DSC_4439 20120315
Measure the butter.

DSC_4441 20120315
Cut it in small pieces.

DSC_4444 20120315
And add it in the dry goods.

DSC_4445 20120315
With the tips of your fingers break it in small chunks. It will resemble rice.

DSC_4446 20120315
Add the buttermilk.

DSC_4448_2 20120315
Mix them until they just come together.

DSC_4450 20120315
Flour your bench or board.

DSC_4451 20120315
flip the dough and don’t worry if it is not perfect it will be like that.

DSC_4452 20120315
Use the dough roller, roll it to a thickness of one inch. 2.5 cm for the metric mind.

DSC_4453 20120315
With a cutter or a glass or anything that is about 2 inches wide punch out as many biscuits as you can.

DSC_4454 20120315
Like this. Gather there remaining dough and repeat.

DSC_4456 20120315
I usually get about 12. Like this. I know there is a runner up… I told you I “usually” make 12. Place them close to each other for more even rise. Also since they are butter made they will have a tendency to spread. Putting them close together will prevent them from spreading.

DSC_4457 20120315
Bake at 375F (190 C).

DSC_4458 20120315
Unitl they look GBD. Golden, Brown and Delicious.

DSC_4460 20120315
Cool them before serving. Serving with the strawberries!!!

DSC_4463 20120315
It is the perfect breakfast by the way.

DSC_4461 20120315
Before we start we need to whip the the heavy cream. Add ice cold heavy cream in your work bowl.

DSC_4464 20120315
Follow with some sugar.

DSC_4465 20120315
Add a bit of Vanilla.

DSC_4466 20120315
And whip. No need for mixer. You need a whisk and a little labor.

DSC_4467 20120315
In less than a minute you have whipped cream.

And now we BUILD!!!!

DSC_4468 20120315

DSC_4469 20120315
Split biscuit in half. Yes a fork is better just like on an english muffin.

DSC_4491 20120315
Add some whipped cream on the plate to hold things together.

DSC_4492 20120315
Add the bottom part of the biscuit.

DSC_4493 20120315
put the strawberries and don’t forget the the syrup. It will soften the hardest biscuits.

DSC_4471 20120315
Top them with a bit of creme fraiché. Creme fraiché is think rich and a bit sour. It will just brink a little something to the party. Break the sweetness and brink things together.

DSC_4494 20120315
Top it of with the over part of the shortcake.

DSC_4495 20120315
More strawberries. Technically you can stop here, but I go one more layer.

DSC_4496 20120315
To hold it better I add some more creme fraiche.

DSC_4497 20120315
And more strawberries…. And syrup

DSC_4498 20120315
Garnish with the rest of the berries.

DSC_4499 20120315
If you have a pipping bag use it. I don’t I use the old school method with the two spoons. Move it from spoon to spoon until you shape it to what is called a canelli.

DSC_4500 20120315
Place it on the top of the pile. And garnish with a nice mind leave.

DSC_4502 20120315
There you have it!

DSC_4504 20120315
I know I know you need another shot? Here… You eat with your eyes first.

Oh and one more bonus. The strawberries will get a lot of juice out within a day… What to do with it? Mix it in a shaker with ice, some vanilla vodka and some lime juice. Aaaand…

DSC_4537 03152012
Here you have a pepper berry cocktail like nothing else!


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